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This shopping guide is provided to make it easier for you to source high quality traditional foods, supplements, and non-toxic home products. These are products I have researched and use myself. Periodically, I review the listings on this page and may make modifications as needed as sourcing of raw materials and quality of products can sometimes change over time.


Please note: if you purchase items through the links on this page, in some cases I may receive a small referral commission (though your price is the same).




Sponge: The Nanosponge is guaranteed to stay odor-free and fresh for 30-days and helps reduce toxic household chemicals by cleaning only with water. You can use it for more than just dishes. Scrub and clean virtually anything using only water and the Nanosponge or a minimal amount of soap if you wish. It can be reused by washing it in the clothes washer or dish washer or soaking it in white vinegar. 




Facial Cleanser: Sibu Sea Berry Therapy Polishing Facial Cleanser is the new formulation of the old version I have used (Sibu Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser).  It contains sea buckthorn oil, which for some, may provide relief from rosacea symptoms.

Deodorant: Try Primal Pit Paste in a stick or a jar - choose from 7 scents.

Makeup: My personal favorites are the Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation (which I prefer to apply with a brush), Jane Iredale PureBrow Clear Gel (which I use for both my eyebrows and as a clear mascara), Jane Iredale Lip Stain (I have all 3 colors - Forever Pink, Red, Peach), 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara, and Éminence Mineral Illuminator

Dry Brush:
Stimulate the skin and lymphatic system by increasing blood flow with dry brushing.

Epsom Salt & Magnesium Flakes:
A detox bath with epsom salt (4lbs or 19lbs) or magnesium flakes has the potential to both improve your body’s detoxification pathways and help resolve both sulfur and magnesium deficiencies - two serious nutritional deficiencies experienced by the vast majority of people. Magnesium is considered to help improve sleep and skin, relieve sore muscles, calm nerves and anxiety, and relieve muscle aches and spasms amongst other things. 


Castor Oil: You can use castor oil externally on your hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows to promote growth and hydration; on your skin for hydration, purification, and regeneration; on your nails to strengthen them and condition the cuticles; and for therapeutic castor oil packs (with wool flannel and a hot water bottle - 100% natural rubber or recyclable thermoplastic for those with rubber/latex sensitivities) for a variety of health issues. When using castor oil internally for constipation or to induce labor, the USP or pharmaceutical grade should be utilized. 

Shaving Accessories
: My husband transitioned to clean shaving about 5 years ago and has never looked back. The brush set he uses is not available, but this da Vinci shaving brush has a Kebony wood handle - a sustainably sourced softwood that has undergone an eco-friendly treatment. For a more economical option, this wowe brush has a bamboo handle or you can try this brush, stand, and shaving bowl set that comes with a lifetime warranty. The Merkur safety razor is stainless steel, made in Germany, and you can get 10 blades for less than $10! Since you're only disposing of the thin blade, much less waste ends up in the landfill (Tip: Check if your local recycler accepts used blades or drop them off at a scrap-metal recycler).  **Note: I try only to recommend items my family has personally used, but since the items we use aren't available, I'm making an exception in this category and will look forward to your feedback.

Shaving Soap: Green Mountain Shave Soap comes in various scents as well as unscented, however, no synthetic fragrances are used, only essential oils.  It is colorant, preservative, paraben, and gluten free with a high animal fat content to produce a good lather.



Remember to check with your physician or health care provider before beginning a supplementation protocol.


Probiotics: My family and I consume probiotics in the array of fermented foods in our diet, but we also alternate between these probiotic supplements to further support our gut health - Bio-Kult and Prescript-Assist.

Desiccated Liver: A traditional superfood rich in B vitamins, folate, choline, selenium, and vitamin A. If you're not a liver-lover or are looking for convenience, like when traveling, liver capsules are a great option. Look for non-defatted grass-fed beef liver like these two brands that come in a veggie capsule or gelatin capsule.  


Magnesium: Magnesium placed on the skin, either through magnesium oil or Epsom salt or magnesium flake baths, bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the blood.


Cod Liver Oil: nutrient-dense source of essential vitamins including the fat-soluble vitamins A and D as well as anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to lowering inflammation, cod liver oil may provide other health benefits including reducing heavy menstrual bleeding, diminishing joint pain, and lessening symptoms of anxiety and depression to name a few. If in Europe try this quality brand. You can get cod liver oil in both liquid and capsules, but look for cold pressed oil with no synthetic vitamins added.


Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf TeaRed Raspberry Leaf and nettle leaf have beneficial properties for the woman's reproductive system. These herbs can assist with reducing excessive menstrual bleeding and the severity of cramps as well as relaxing and toning the uterus and aiding the immune system. Some nutritional benefits: magnesium, b-vitamins, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. If you'd like both herbs in a chlorine-free tea bag, Moontime Tea has a lovely organic option with added peppermint and clover. 


Evening Primrose OilEvening primrose oil helps reduce PMS pain, is anti-inflammatory, and supports hormonal function.


Turmeric: Turmeric is blood-sugar balancing, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory. Given that curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory, many find it helps relieve joint pain and arthritis related discomfort. 


Gelatin (Collagen Protein): Supports gut, skin, and joint health. It’s important to get pasture-raised, grass-fed, non-GMO gelatin. Gels in cold liquids so I prefer to use it in soups, desserts, as a sauce thickener, and to make gummy snacks and jello.  


Collagen Peptides (Hydrolysate): Also aids gut, skin, and joint health, but can be used in both hot or cold foods as it won't clump. So, collagen peptides are a great way to add protein to smoothies. 


Maca: This Peruvian Andes plant is known to be hormone balancing, boost the overall physical functioning of the body, and lift emotional states. The powder is made from the root of the maca plant.


Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV should be organic, raw, unfiltered, and with the "mother" in order to offer the most effective health benefits. In case you're wondering, the mother is a colony of beneficial bacteria that helps create vinegar through a secondary fermentation process.


Melatonin: This supplement should not be overused, but it can be helpful with jet lag, to aid with general sleep issues, assist with migraines and cluster headaches, and during a protocol to improve female egg quality. Also note that taking too high of a dose can actually give you the reverse effect. This brand sells it in lemon flavor and this one in raspberry vanilla. Both products are alcohol free and made in the USA with no binders, fillers, or artificial additives.  




Sucanat: This sugar is made of dehydrated cane sugar juice and retains its molasses and nutrients. It's a great choice for baking and I add it to the occasional cup of coffee. 


Coconut Sugar: This sugar is made by by dehydrating the nectar produced from coconut buds. Lower in the glycemic index and less processed than regular sugar





Avocado Oil: As with all oils, smoke points vary depending on quality and processing methods. Unrefined extra virgin avocado oil generally has a smoke point between 400° F - 480° F (204° C - 249° C). This means it's not the ideal choice for high heat frying, but a fine choice for medium heat frying, mayonnaise, and dressings. If you're looking to cook with avocado oil on high heat, a refined version is more appropriate with its higher smoke point of 480° F - 520° F (249° C - 271° C), but be aware some of the nutritional value is lost with refinement. This company has its own unique low heat refining process. It retains 80% of the beta-sitosterol and 60% of the Vitamin E that you would usually find only in unrefined virgin oil.  


Ghee: This is a variation of clarified butter, traditional to India, that has had its milk solids removed. Since there is no lactose nor casein in ghee, it is tolerable for most people with dairy allergies. Removing the milk solids results in a higher smoke point of 450° F - 485° F (232° C - 252° C), making ghee ideal for higher cooking temperatures. This is also a lovely option to get a boost of CLA and the fat soluble vitamins A, E, and K. You can try an unsalted version or a Himalayan pink salt version. Always look for grass-fed pasture-raised options. 


Lard, Tallow, Duck & Goose Fat: Look for lard rendered from organically raised, non-GMO fed, pork fat. It should be non-hydrogenated, preservative-free, and certified organic pork lard. Leaf lard, considered to be the highest grade of lard, has little pork flavor which makes it ideal for pie crusts and baked goods. Beef tallow, goose, and duck fat are also great cooking fats. 


Dechlorinating Shower FilterNew Wave Enviro Shower Filter System is what we use in our home.





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